Installing R CLI Style

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series (CLI) tutorial

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series (CLI) tutorialThis how-to is a command-line instruction (CLI) tutorial, a step-by-step guide to manually install R. I’m using Ubuntu server 13.10 r-base from the standard repositories, however you could substitute any of the r versions and Linux distribution as by your own requirements. Requirement: You […]

AI_Project "Perceptron System Discovery and Recommendations in a Linux Environment"

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from lab book August 2006 Project Summary Our assignment was to find a perceptron application on-line and to train and test it. The difficulty of finding an up-to-date Linux application that enabled the user to use a data set proved to be an exhausting task. I found a multitude of applications that explained and demonstrated […]

“Future of the Appliance Based Model” -draft from previous research (not current)

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Most end users are trying to solve problems, automate a business process, write a letter, email a family member or play a game. They use the Windows operating system because it is already installed when purchased their computer. Most end users hear about other operating systems but give no thought to it if they are […]

Applied use for a Multi-Layered Perceptron in a Linux Environment

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from lab book November 2006 Project Summary Our assignment was to create an application that would take multiple inputs, and for it to be trained and tested. This design is much more complicated than the previous assignment due to the number of variables used to produce the results. Utilizing my previous art, I proposed to […]

Seven Financial Reasons Not to Use Windows

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By Tina Gasperson on July 31, 2001 from: Windows is often the most intuitive choice from the CIO’s perspective. Just like in the old days, when “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM,” Microsoft is safe, at least from the stockholder’s perspective. “That’s what we’ve always used, and it works” is a phrase you’re […]

“Open source business model” takes on a new meaning with the Open Business Foundation

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By Tina Gasperson on August 03, 2007 from The Open Business Foundation (OBF) operates on two premises: that the open source development community makes good business sense, and that small businesses can be more successful if they band together with each other to share resources of all kinds.

Robert Whetsel’s Research Interests:

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Chat Robot (Chatbot) Research: Studying the use of chatbots as natural language interface to improve the capability of computers to communicate with humans. Intelligent work flow: Using Artificial Intelligence techniques to develop an intelligent knowledge management system that continuously acquire, filter, organize and reuse a knowledge base to solve interoperability. Intelligent Personal Assistant (iAvatar): Creating […]