2 thoughts on “Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

  1. The TED Talk, ‘Where do Ideas come from’ by Steven Johnson is the video I chose for this assignment. Innovation takes planning, conditions and resources – taking an idea to a product then on to a successful product takes multiple steps. However, as Johnson stated, ‘everything starts with an idea’ (Johnson, 2010). The reason I was drawn to this video is because I have patents and have created numerous technology based inventions, non of which have realized great success. Granted I have some successful implementations of my creations, but I still lack the main stream recognition for my work.

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    There was not really a sociotechnical change forces for this talk – the talk was looking at where good ideas come from; not necessarily how they become mainstream. However, the forces that the author spoke about most often were environmental. Environmental forces shape thoughts through bringing like thinkers together working towards a common goal (Kodama, 1995). Johnson also, believed that meeting together fostered innovation, but Kotter pointed out that innovation takes effort and planning (Kotter, 2013).

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