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The name of and theme for your blog

  • RobertWhetsel.com – Diary of an αlphα Gεεk

The link for the main blog page

  • http://robertwhetsel.com

Any challenges that you had

  • none worked it out over the years
  • I have my own dedicated server on the www
  • working on the auto social media posting capabilities

The layout for your blog

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Blog Purpose

I write about technology(computer science, computer engineering, and data things & mobility – to come), my research and entrepreneurial endeavors. I have been writing off and on for more than 8 years. Work prevented me for a number of years from being able to post. Read Yes I’m Back on-line.

Forces affecting this blogs success

First the idea of success needs to be defined:

  • generate revenue [done]
  • have people read about my research [done]
visits in 24hrs
visits in 24hrs

Selling Ideas

Ideas can generate economic return according to Romer, “if they are important in the developing economic goods”, (Romer, 1998). For example, this author’s patent could generate revenue through licensing agreements.


Trusted Client Centric Application Architecture (61088209): Trusted Client Centric Application Architecture (TC2A2) provides the ability to exchange data between applications. TC2A2 acts as a universal data set to exchange data between applications. Application data from source applications is converted to a universal data set for one or more target applications. Then application data is transmitted to target applications in order to perform an exchange of data. TC2A2 may be used to synchronize data and perform other functions requiring data exchange between applications that typically may not be able to communicate with each other.


Other ways of economic generation from this blog is consulting contracts and additional job opportunities. Over the years, this medium has allowed this author to work as a consultant performing in a variety of roles for different clients. For example, serving as a Technology Strategist, mentoring senior management, and Enterprise Architect, Information Architect and Data Architect designing key capabilities across multiple business lines.

Blog Followers

This Blog has the ability to auto post to FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin. In addition, I currently have almost 200 feedburner follows. Once I finish building my own wp-social plugin, I will also add Google+ to the social media blast expanding my web-footprint all leading back to RobertWhetsel.com.


Romer, P. M. (1998). Two strategies for economic development: using ideas and producing ideas. The strategic management of intellectual capital, 211-238.

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