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Cyber Intelligence Visionary

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I am a decorated (17 years) war veteran who has worked as a member of the Cyber and Threat Intelligence community for over 25 years. Current positions held: Army Reserve Signal Officer (Cyber Warrior) in the only Army Cyber Reserve Brigade of its kind, under ARCYBER working with INSCOM and Senior Big Data Computer Scientist at the Defense Information Systems Agency working where cyber intersects with intelligence (big data).

  • Formulated strategic plans for cyber security and threat management for multiple organizations.
  • Excel at building and maintaining partnerships with industry and military with a proven ability to achieve results for complex cross-agency initiatives.

Areas of expertise: Enterprise architecture, big data, cyber and threat management.

Certifications: SANS GSLC; Joint Network Attack Course N-9 Cyber Operational Planner; ISO 27000-2, DoD Incident Handling.

Industry experience: Financial, Defense, Technology and Intelligence.

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