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CNO Planner, 1LT, 25A N-9, Officer In Charge of Cyber Futures Team

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Selected Recent Military Experience with Cyber and Intelligence

Cyber Operational Planning • Computer Network Defense • Cyber & Intelligence Research

Computer Network Exploitation • Computer Network Attack • System Hardening

US Army Reserve held numerous leadership position after receiving a direct commission 2 November 2009.

US Army Reserve assigned to ARCYBER (08/2012 – present)

Ft. Belvoir, VA

Assigned to Army Reserve Cyber; the only cyber unit in Army Reserve actively supporting cyber and intelligence communities. As team lead, plan computer network operations (CNO) and develop strategic, operational and tactical plans for different missions, exercise support and mission partners such as other DoD agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Joint missions. Create and present written reports for command level personnel.

  • Created a Cyber Futures Team and serve as lead for efforts to build the next generation of intelligence and cyber tools for analysts.
  • Conduct research and analysis of intelligence and cyber, for example from Open and All-source Cyber Threat Intelligence and develop documents for Cyber operational reviews.
  • Validate and test complex security architecture and design solutions to produce detailed engineering specifications with recommended vendor technologies.

Develop technical and programmatic assessments, evaluate engineering and integration initiatives and serve as technical adviser for assessing cyber security policies, standards and guidelines.

US Army Reserve assigned to DET53 (03/2012 – 08/2012)

Adelphi, MD

Acted as S3 Staff Officer, responsible for planning operations as directed by the commander. Worked closely with the XO and Detachment Commander to develop the strategic planning process for training missions.

  • Led and trained a Computer Network Defense Team about to deploy to a combat zone in support of a cyber/intelligence mission.
  • Led and developed team members in incident handling and alerting and reporting procedure of cyber threats.
  • Supervised team in threat intelligence management processes to provide timely, relevant and actionable information and analysis to support active threat investigation and mitigation.

US Army Reserve assigned to NCRIOC (07/2010 – 03/2012)

Adelphi, MD

Served as S1/Adjutant OIC for over 100 Soldiers in the National Capital Region Information Operations Center (NCRIOC).

  • Advised the commander on all personnel actions including promotions and evaluations.
  • Supervised, trained, and mentored soldiers including senior NCOs, planned, distributed and monitored work assignments; evaluated work performance and provided feedback; reviewed, recommended and approved selections, promotions and reassignments; and initiated recognition and disciplinary actions for personnel.

 US Army Reserve assigned  to 497th CSSB (11/2009 – 07/2010)

US Army Reserve Center Salem, VA

Manage the tactical edge – unit’s signal assets, which include all aspects of automation and communications-electronics related to the planning, design, engineering, operations, logistical support and evaluation of systems and networks. Directed and managed installation, operation, networking and maintenance of signal equipment. Advised commander, and staffs on command and control signal requirements, capabilities, and operations.

Additional Duties: Physical Security Officer.

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