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Let me break down the L33t (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet) for you and take the time to officially thank you. Especially, I would like to thank all of the n00bs out there that make my job easy. You know who you are; all those n00bs using your computers without taking the time or understand how to protect your systems from me. You think that it’s not such a big deal to pay your bills, do your banking and send email with all that personal information without taking proper precautions, “Please, keep on doing that”. You are keeping me in hot pockets and all the Red Bull I can drink.

My only goal is to infect your system with one of my DarkBots and sell your zombiefied system to one of my many clients, (http://www.mysecurecyberspace.com/encyclopedia/index/zombie-machine.html). I’m making mad bank; usually pulling in around $800 per 10,000 bots, and with no shortages of systems on the Webs. I have the ability to create pools of Bots waiting to sell them to clients whenever I want. I’m in no way of looking for a real job as long as you keep helping me; just keep doing what you are doing.

I’m really not that bad hacker guy you read about, I don’t try to steal bank account or identities – I only set the stage. However, my clients are the ones that do the real damage – they use your system to commit all types of crimes with your zombiefied computers. They launch spam attacks, attack web sites, conduct phishing attacks, spread computer viruses, launch DoS attacks, download pornography, steal your personal information or blackmail you into paying a fee to remove a bit of nasty code. I just get my bank on and go, always trying to stay low and under the radar, (http://darkreading.com/shared/printableArticle.jhtml?articleID=219400902).

I’ll let you in on my BotNet secret; my choice of attack is pure simplicity, its downright poetry. I just use is a little social engineering via instant messages and emails. It’s so easy, after I infect your machine, I lure your friends in with a “check this out”-link. And, since the message came from you; most of your friends will take the bait. And, Bam! another zombie for my BotNet herd, ChaChing! I typically don’t need to do anything special to exploit the vulnerabilities I find on your system; I simply let you place my Bots on your system for me.

Most of you never have any indication that you are a Zombie. You go about your day doing your normal computing activities without a clue. You blame Microsoft for your computer running like a slug or ComCast being slow, but in reality my clients are eating up you processing power and your Internet bandwidth. Better yet, my smart clients won’t bother your system while you are using it. They will wait till low system usage before taking it over to do their bidding.

You could look for symptoms such as “a suddenly slow broadband connection, an unresponsive mouse or keyboard, excessive hard drive activity, or bounce notifications from people you’ve never tried to contact” (http://www.mysecurecyberspace.com/encyclopedia/index/zombie-machine.html). Besides, I’m not really hurting anyone anyway. Please for your sake; don’t bother trying to look. Think about it, “What could you do anyway?” And, by chance you were able to stop me this time; it would only be temporary and I will be back. The next time it will be personal, you would be interfering with my greenage and would need to make an example of you.

Cyber Stats:

  • Spam by botnet shows that 40% was sent from the Grum botnet and 12% from Cutwail botnet.
  • More than 50% of all seasonal spam has been sent from just two botnets: Grum and Cutwail.
  • Almost 10% of all broadband users in the US will be infected with a botnet.
  • Email will continue to be the primary social engineering tool for botnet attacks in 2010.
  • The Nuwar botnet uses social engineering, a fake postcard or electronic card, to infect it’s victims.
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