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I help you Solve Complex Problems

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I present new ways of looking at the process of problem solving by treating each problem as a distinct knowledge bit with its own set of useful requirements, aptitudes and relationships. This approach details relationships with integrated interactions rather than discrete actions, clearly defines what makes problem solving complex, and explores strategies for analyzing, modeling, […]


Beta Site Released

Posted on has launched the new content management system (CMS) and Blog. This new site provides a location for the promotion of my services and for my clients to leverage their time. This dynamic website is planed use is as the companion site to my Effective Executive IT Mentoring Process. Any commment abput the website please […]

Executive Knowledge Base

Information Architecture

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The core of Information Architecture is the practice of structuring information or knowledge in a meaningful way. It organizes knowledge and systems to help people and systems to find and manage knowledge.  ”IA  is the art and science behind all knowledge management.” I help you to understand and define your Information Architecture: Business goals and […]