Submitting Your Article

Members write most of the articles published in, although we encourage non-members to submit their ideas for publication. Articles should concern some aspect of Information Technology, the Executive leadership and/or applied Executive management profession, whether at the level of a beginner or that of an advanced practitioner.

Note: The magazine has a three-month lead-time for any given issue.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • The manuscript should be submitted in plain text with no formatting.
  • E-mail the manuscript to the managing editor, Robert Whetsel, at
    Include your contact information in the e-mail (full name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, preferred e-mail address).
  • Include a 2–3 sentence “abstract” describing what the article is about and how it will benefit the reader.
  • Use illustrative charts, graphs, figures, and tables when appropriate.
  • Use endnotes, footnotes and give references when needed.
  • Include a brief biography of the author(s) at the end. This should include job title, employer name and location, and affiliation.

Evaluation and Acceptance

You will receive an acknowledgment e-mail reply, but we cannot guarantee when or if an article will be published. Articles are evaluated based on readability, soundness of content, timeliness, and interest to our readers. We also consider whether you support you ideas with concrete examples.

Articles that essentially only promote a particular company, product, and service are not considered publishable.

We may accept your article outright or accept it contingent on your revision. If an article is accepted, an editor will contact the author to advise him/her of the issue of publication. All accepted articles are subject to editing for style, clarity, language, and length.

Once the article has been accepted and edited, you will be asked to publish your article under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. If you have questions or concerns about copyright transfer, please contact Robert Whetsel, managing editor, at or 240-215-3944.

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