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Robert Whetsel is a High Level Senior Computer Technology and Innovation Specialist.

Robert is among the top 3% within his field especially when it comes to addressing interoperability and technology issues related to various OS platforms and systems from Linux/Unix to Windows.  His knowledge as well as his experience and his excellent grasp of the problems facing organizations today, make him an asset to whoever assigns him key technology projects as Robert Whetsel always ensures to augment the knowledge of the IT Executives and their staff thus providing a methodology of solving problems while making the IT department look good throughout an entire organization.

Robert Whetsel has successfully assisted Large Federal organizations in the migration to Linux from Windows without interruption to the business processes or the performance of key systems.  Robert Whetsel is sought out by many Linux and Windows IT professionals and major Technology Corporations such as Novell, IBM, and RedHat as well as Computer Technology experts and has been a key speaker and presenter in matters of OS interoperability as well as for security and business continuity.  Robert is a founding member of the Open Business Foundation.

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