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In my interactions with Robert I have found him to be one of the most brilliant and forward thinking IT professionals I know.

His ability to break the complex and nuanced down to bite sized chunks of business value is only exceeded by his ability to quickly transfer the talking points of various cutting edge technologies into nuggets that executives can use to reshape the thinking of others in the technical field. He learned our systems in lightning speed, and saw a way to reshape the message that has had winning effects now seen both internal and external to our efforts. To effectively lead a strong technical team requires an inside track, or lots of them. I read a lot, I stay up on the trends, but I would certainly have to say that in least on instance that it is collaborating with Robert that put me in the clear position of track leader with an edge. I have used some of the talking points we worked up together to completely reset the thinking of staff, customers, prospects, and partners about the amazing business value one of our technology solutions, JobTraQ, provides.  The bottom line is, he has helped me improve my bottom line in ways I didn’t see coming.

We are in the information age, and ideas are where it’s at. Being ahead of them, being able to understand and articulate them, and definitely being able to leverage them is how you stay on top. Don’t underestimate the value of consulting with someone who makes it his business to stay at the forefront of IT thought.  Don’t underestimate Robert Whetsel.  If you don’t want to just understand a new trend but you want to figure out how to have a command of it and how to position yourself on the crest of it, Robert’s your man.

Vaughn Thurman,
President – Swift Systems and Swift Software

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