How to contribute to My Blog

IT Mentoring Blog for Executives and its Audience:
RobertWhetsel.com is the flagship publication for Executives. It is a Blog written and edited specifically for executives as applied to effective Information Technology Mentoring.

Potential Readers:
Readers are usually RobertWhetsel.com’s executive clients, typically with more than 15 years of management experience and varying degrees of IT knowledge and skill sets.

Accepted Articles:
Common article topics should be related to Information Technology; including but are not limited to: alternative disputes resolution, commercial contracting, construction contract management, environmental contracting, information technology, e-commerce, e-business, education, grants management, health care contracting, international acquisition, program management, small business, state and local government contracting, and professional development.
Before You Write:
RobertWhetsel.com seeks original and useful articles dealing with contract management problems, insights, applications, and opinions. As a management professional, your personal experiences in the field can become valuable to readers. Apply your practical insights, solutions, and encountered problems to their situations. Focus on the lessons learned, rather than chronology of events. Before you begin to write an article for RobertWhetsel.com…

you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this topic practical to the reader?
  • Do I have specific examples of lessons learned?
  • How can other professionals adapt what I have done?
  • What kinds of pitfalls might they run into?
  • What are the costs involved?

Avoiding the Pitfalls
Articles are not accepted in RobertWhetsel.com Blog if the article:

  • Topic is not related to Information Technology, Executive leadership or applied Executive management
  • Is poorly organized
  • Lacks valuable insight
  • Offers too few examples
  • Is overly promotional and self-serving.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, we recommend that you send an inquiry including a brief summary (150 words) of the proposed article to the managing editor before you write the article. Please send your inquiry to:

Robert Whetsel,  Managing Editor

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