My Services

IT Mentoring for the Executive

“I lend an outside perspective and offer key support to Executives to enhance leadership judgment, illuminate blind spots, and direct my clients to explore new ideas to discover critical solutions and navigate issues to create success within their organizations.”

You may benefit from IT mentoring if you:

  • want to achieve your goals and objectives in your career and life
  • are in transition in your life or career
  • desire to hear your own voice more clearly
  • feel disconnected from the work you truly want to do
  • want to know and see yourself with clarity
  • want to function in a collaborative manner rather than just competing

My objectives as a mentor are to help you to:

  • Gain the ability to distill the learning from each experience and use it on your path to success
  • Enhance and expand your necessary leadership skills by providing guidance, advice, and coaching
  • Provide tools, techniques, and context for applying leadership in your organization to increase its productivity, resolve conflicts, and improve communications
  • Learn to use these skills to build trust, motivate, and engage your teams, thereby increasing your organization’s total effectiveness

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