Robert Whetsel’s Research Interests:

Chat Robot (Chatbot) Research: Studying the use of chatbots as natural language interface to improve the capability of computers to communicate with humans.

Intelligent work flow: Using Artificial Intelligence techniques to develop an intelligent knowledge management system that continuously acquire, filter, organize and reuse a knowledge base to solve interoperability.

Intelligent Personal Assistant (iAvatar): Creating an intelligent avatar, i Avatar™, an autonomous bot, that  has the ability to personalize end-user experiences through the use of emergence, and social networking. This would help users manage the information overload that users experience. The creation of an artifact that is able to learn and educate system behaviors utilized in areas such as: customizing workflow; autonomic searches, data retrieval and report generation; identifying relationships in information; and self analytics of a knowledge base.

Intelligent Architecture: Identifying relationships in information, intelligence and analytics corpora (based on a specific universe) by applying novel combinations of Artificial Intelligence techniques. Relationships identified through statistical analysis, occurrences, validation of linguistic rules, and encryption (cypher/code) or decryption (decipher/decode). In particular, technologies used are natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge representation, text mining, data mining and information extraction.

Evolution of a GNU Linux distribution: based on autonomic intelligent computing, simplifying the installation and configuration of user systems with self-healing capabilities through Artificial Intelligence.

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