Independent Study Proposal – OpenCYC

from lab book May 2007

CSCI 575

This research project explores the feasibility of extracting CYC, OpenCyc and ResearchCyc’s ontology from it’s current architecture and porting the knowledge base (KB) to an embedded environment for future use in creating embedded expert systems for distributive satellite computing.

Methods: Research, Observation and Benchmark Testing

Applications to be used: OpenCyc and Hypersonic (embedded

Parameters: The proposal of this research is to study the OpenCyc’s architecture,how the technology is used in designing expert systems and port OpenCyc to a Hypersonic embedded database

Observations: Benchmarked performance between current architecture
and the proposed architecture will be reported

Conclusion: The completion of this independent study will
determine the feasibility of using OpenCYC in an embedded agent system

Project Status – UPDATED 12 August 2007.

One thought on “Independent Study Proposal – OpenCYC

  1. From Agile Metrics: The original outcome was to test the validity of porting OpenCYC to an embedded environment. Using DEJA and Java at this point would be outside of the core desired results and utilize resources that should be applied to the core of the research project. As a result, additional time was given to OpenCYC and Hypersonic tasks in the research project plan. And, both DEJA and Java tasks have been dropped.

    Applications to be used: OpenCYC and Hypersonic (embedded database).

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