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 to Diary of an αlphα Gεεk This site is my journey of ideas, research and work – culminating into an unique perspective using computer science and business processes to create innovative and sustainable technology solutions. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Basically, you can read it, use it […]

Installing R CLI Style

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This how-to is a command-line instruction (CLI) tutorial, a step-by-step guide to manually install R. I’m using Ubuntu server 13.10 r-base from the standard repositories, however you could substitute any of the r versions and Linux distribution as by your own requirements. Requirement: You need to conduct statistical analysis. Assumptions: 1. You have a Ubuntu […]

Member Board of Directors

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Selected Recent Civilian Experience Skilled Communicator • Accomplished Mentor • Analytic Problem Solver Leader in the Cyber and Intelligence Field • Expert at Building Consensus • Technical Translator StartUp Partners, Inc. (January 2014 – Present) Aberdeen, MD The StartUp Partnership (SPI) Veterans Entrepreneur Program (VEP) supports Veterans with business growth and startup ventures. Members of […]

The Gamification of Everything

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Looking at future technologies we see that games and gamification is rapidly invading mainstream society (Xu, 2011). Asian markets, according to DeMaria, are much further ahead than western markets in monetizing games and have been successful in applying marketing gamification (DeMaria, 2007). Gamification of marketing in social user generated games is providing numerous new opportunities […]

Games and Gamification of Education

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The Horizon Report 2013 Higher Education Edition by the New Media Consortium’s (NMC)’s Horizon Project lists key technologies and their trends. As well as the impact of key emerging technologies on education and the likely time-line of when those new technologies enter into our mainstream lives. One key technology trend from the Horizon Report is […]

Comparing and Contrasting the Nominal Group Technique with the Delphi method

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Delphi Technique, ideas are gathered from group members (who are experts and can be anywhere in the world) but there is no communication between participants. These ideas are compiled and the most common are put forward for further comment by the group members. Multiple rounds can follow with the intent to reach as much a […]